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I experienced my first panic attack at age 15. Like many who have experienced a panic attack would say, I truly thought I was dying - my heart was racing, I felt like I was suffocating, my vision was turning black, and I felt like I was burning and freezing at the same time. Now, eight years later having gone through many, many ups and downs, I'm making it a point to *atleast try* NOT let anxiety scare me.

I came up with the phrase "Brb, panic attack" because I'm no stranger to having to excuse myself from a room or conversation due to feeling the onset of panic. Like many others, I always came up with an excuse like "I'll be right back I need to use the restroom" because I was too embarrassed to say the real reason out-loud. "Brb, Panic Attack" was a way to push myself and others to break the stigma of anxiety and no longer have it be taboo.


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