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Facing Fears - Extreme Style

Jillian smiles holding a bee colony

The power of the mind -- when I was a kid I had an absurd severe phobia of bees. I would literally CRY if 1 bee landed on me. Here is me today covered in thousands of bees, touching them with my bare hands, all whilst being as calm as a cucumber...taking a beekeeping class. I've been over my fear of bees for years, but this was my first experience ever getting to do something like this, and we were warned there would be bees flying all around you, landing on you, etc. and it's very instinctual to react by swatting them away or jerking away, but it was pertinent we stayed very calm. When we walked into the keeper area, I turned on a switch in my head to remain super calm and unaffected by the environment, even letting them land on my fingers a few times so I could get used to the sensation. If you told anyone that knew me as a kid that I did this they would laugh lol!! Just goes to show how powerful our brains are and how we really can train it!! Buzz buzz 😊🐝

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