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This Week's Featured Speak Out - Aista's Story

Aista's Story



“11 years ago I moved to London. That was a super tough time for me. All I wanted was to get back home.❤️ I developed panic attacks during one of the most significant life changes. Alongside moving to a different country, I also had to leave some family and all my friends behind. Not knowing the language well enough to be able to have a proper conversation, and not even having who to talk to for the first few months.
To get to the point, all the stress and self doubt I was fighting with pushed me into the arms of panic attacks. 🖤
I honestly think that someone who never suffered with a panic attack will understand how scary it can be.

This is why I want to share some attack 'hacks' , from my own experience, that helped me to control it and to get my life back. ❤️


1️⃣ Books. I've started reading books about the mind power. The book I read like 10 times was 'The Secret'. Everytime I'd feel those attacks getting stronger - get the book out and read again. This might not be the most suitable book for you, but hope it will direct you to find some good read helping to calm your mind. Books helped me to understand how to start controling my own mindset.

2️⃣ Mind control. After getting some knowledge how to deal with panic attacks I've started to use it. I would stop a thought of having another attack right at that second by reminding myself that I'm the one controlling my mind. My mind doesn't control me. I repeat this to date.

3️⃣ Keep yourself busy. I've noticed that being focused on something else helped me not to overthink when's the next attack going to hit. Keeping myself busy allowed me to forget I had it, even if it was for a short while.

4️⃣ Repeating first 3 points and constantly remind yourself that it's all in your head, do not let the fear to get to you!”

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