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William's Story - From Living in The Closet, To losing his Car, to Finding New Life


"My Mental Health journey started young, but I didn’t notice it was an issue until the start of the pandemic. My problem started with not feeling good enough. I’ve always loved myself, but I began to question why others didn’t feel the same way about me. Growing up “in the closet”, I spent a lot of time living a double life only to please other people. The older I got, the more I lost myself. At the start of 2020, the pressure of not being able to be myself and “live my truth” began to eat me up inside. I began to snap. Picking fights with my partner at the time, countless disagreements with my family, my interest in everyday activities became nonexistent. That ultimately made me lose everything from family, friends, my partner, and I even lost my apartment. My life began to crumble. I became super depressed and I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

One night, while living in my vehicle, I wanted to end it all. I was mentally exhausted. That’s when I knew there was a problem. That motivated me to seek counseling, which became SUPER beneficial. During the process, I learned that the main issues was that I didn’t love myself. Learning to accept myself and love myself FIRST has been the best thing I’ve accomplished my entire life. It honestly saved my life. Not only did it save my life but it introduced me to true happiness. True happiness starts with loving yourself. No relationship, job, car, house, or friend can make you happier than you make yourself. That motivated me to live my truth, live for myself, and help others who have the same struggle. Learning the value of self love helped me find the light at the end of the tunnel. And I must say, now the light is on me and I’m standing front and center ready to shine bright!

It may not be an easy fight but it’s worth it. Don’t give up and never be afraid to seek help. And PLEEEEASE feel free to reach out to me even if it’s just to vent to a listening ear. If you need advice about coming out, homelessness, self love, ANYTHING, please reach out!”

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