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Changing Negative Thoughts and Worry 101

Therapy is great, isn't it? I took notes from my therapist and turned them into more fun visuals. Take screenshots and practice these on a daily basis! It's even great to practice these when you're not feeling super anxious so when you are, you are more prepared.

*(Alt. text provided under each image. Images are photos of scenery with the text on top of them and don't include any excess information).

alt text: "1. Observe and evaluate. Is this thought true? Remember, don't believe everything you think. Are you catastrophizing? What if-ing? Overgeneralizing? Discounting the positive?

alt text: "2. Choose. What you think you can create how you feel. Do you want to feel this way or do you want to change your thoughts and perspective?"


alt text: "3. Let the thought go using one of these techniques:

Release - Choose not to engage with the thought and let it go. I like to visualize placing my thought on a leaf, putting it in a river, and watching it float down the stream.

Inner dialogue- Talk to the part of your mind that's trying to keep you safe by worrying. Tell it - "Thank you for trying to protect me, but I got this one."

Worry time- Pick a specific time to worry. If a thought comes into your head, brush it off and tell it that it has to wait for worry time. By the time your "worry time" comes around, you might dismiss this thought! If not - continue with the next steps"

alt text: "4. Write counterarguments for every worry you have. Create the ideal attitude you want even if you don't believe you have it. Repeat your counterarguemnts to yourself or write them on a sticky note and stick it on your mirror!"

alt text: "5. Relaxation/Positive Imagery. Imagine the experience you want and all the things that could go right instead of wrong. Try to really feel it and turn that into reality."

alt text: "6. Refocus. Shift your attention. Take inventory of your senses. What do you see? Hear? Smell? Taste? Feel? Proceed to engage in a new activity."


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