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Just Because You Think It Doesn't Mean It's True

Compared to a couple of years ago, my anxiety and how I handle panic attacks has vastly improved. I've put in the work going to CBT therapy and working on my exposures. I've made large strides and have done things I never thought I would be able to do again. For the most part, I've been managing my anxiety and living my life. 

Catastrophic thoughts tend to creep in when things are going well. We look for the wrongs and soon, our brain starts to create them. 

Recently, I keep thinking negative thoughts like "What if this is just going to be short lived? What if I start going back to the old anxious me?". When talking to my therapist about this, she reminded me it's so important to stop yourself in your tracks when you begin to think this way. Start by asking yourself, "is there any evidence for this thought or is it a silly thought?". Write down every counter-argument you have for your intrusive thoughts. 


Intrusive thought: "I'm so nervous I'm going to freak out on the airplane ride" despite several successful air plane flights with no anxiety

Counter: "I've worked on my anxiety and I've flown 3 times with 0 anxiety! Where's the evidence it's going to go wrong?


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