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Re-training Those Negative Thoughts

Sunset photo with the text: "What's the worst that could happen?" with the word "Worst" crossed out and the word best inserted with a carrot above it

It's really very easy to think negatively and subsequently get sucked in a downwards spiral of over-thinking and psyching yourself out. For me personally, this was (and sometimes still is) my biggest mental block that kept me from doing so many things. 

When faced with a scenario I thought I would panic in - the worst-case scenario thoughts would always flood my brain. "What if I freak out and pass out? What if I get fired? What if I can't handle it?" 

What if...we re-framed those thoughts and focused on what good can happen! "What if it all goes well? It'll be a great time and I can prove to myself that I can do anything. What if nothing goes wrong and I have a really good time?". 

It's so important to catch your negative way of thinking before you start traveling down the rabbit hole of catastrophic thoughts. The more you practice re-framing your thoughts, the more instinctual they will become which will help you in living your best life.

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