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On Accepting Anxiety

Being anxiety free was my goal for a long time. It was always "I'll do that when I don't have anxiety anymore" or "maybe next time if I  don't have a panic attack, I can try." Recently, I realized my anxiety just might not leave me forever - however - I can choose to still do the things I want to do even if my anxiety is trying to hold me back.
Anxiety does not get to control us. Who says you can't do something just because you're anxious? Doing things and getting anxious or even having a panic attack does not mean you failed - it's actually a big win! The more we tell anxiety WE are the ones in control and WE hold the cards, the softer that anxious voice becomes.
The more we do things that scare us, the easier they will become. The more we prove to our anxiety and our brain that we are capable and we don't have anything to worry about. Repetition definitely helps. It's not a linear path but that also does not mean you're falling backwards. I've had several panic attacks this year despite thinking I was past them, but reflecting on them, they were handled really well. Unlike before, I made it a point to continue on my daily life/routine despite my panic attacks which proved to myself that I could function. People who experience panic attacks are some of the bravest people out there in my opinion.
Celebrate the little wins always. Write down your achievements daily no matter how small. Soon, you will begin to see a growing list right before your eyes. Something I always have to remind myself is what if we paid as much attention to the positives in life than we did to the negatives?