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Breathing Technique 1 - Alternate Nostril Breathing

Breathing techniques are what I swear by to combat panic attacks. I've previously shared a lot about square diaphragmatic breathing, but today I will be sharing a unique practice called "alternate nostril breathing". The goal with square breathing and alternate nostril breathing are the same -- slow down your fast heart beat, regulate your breath if you are hyperventilating, and create a state of calmness throughout your body. 

Reduce Stress and Improve Cardiovascular Function with Slow Yogic Breathing  | Contemplative Studies

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Here is how:

1) Keep your mouth closed and breathe only through your nose. Make sure you are breathing through your abdomen and not your chest.

2) Start by taking 3 deep slow breaths. Inhaling through your nose as much as you can, and exhaling through your mouth as much as you can. 

3) Beginning by pushing the tip of your index finger to the right side of your nostril closing it. Slowly inhale and exhale through your left nostril 3 times. 

4) If you need to, release your finger and breathe normally for 3 breaths. 

5) Now, repeat the exercise using the opposite finger.  Push the tip of your index finger to the left side of your nostril closing it. Slowly inhale and exhale through your right nostril 3 times. 

And, repeat! Switch sides and alternate back and forth for at least 2 minutes.

If you prefer to follow along with a live person, check out this Yoga Breathing follow-along on Youtube. 

Hope this helps!